Tuesday, June 16, 2009

stupid guy!!

halooo..who do you think you are ha???????
how dare u hurt my bestfriend feeling....
i cant text her because im out of creadit..
damn!! during her birthday....form the beginning i never like you..
ur not good for her... stupid!!! u make me angry!!!
and im mad at my self too..huh! how come to solve this..aiyaya!!
that link problem give me headache again!!
so sleepy...but im not ready to sleep..waiting miracle to happen..
like a korean drama..everytime i watch that drama....i feel that im the actress..hahah
not good for future..keep on dreaming!!....that prince will take me to his castle...
and make me happy till the end...hmmm
im done make a new account for my family bussiness but..
i dont know how to design that blog...need to collect the picture for advertisement..
need to inform BIG BOSS about this..after i finish it..hmm
why certain video take a long time to download..hmmm..

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