Tuesday, June 16, 2009

1:58 AM..still standing..

im sleepy
still dont want to sleep
dont know why,
try contact FAZ so many time but, she seems so busy
thanx jane,
help me with those LINK thing...
but im not done with THAT
my sister's friend is so SENGAL..
keep reporting everything to her... nana fast la~.u havent solat lagi..those
SETAN bisik2 already to your ears..
feel so hot..wanna take bath...
what the hack im talking about!!! hahah..
so what?? this is my place..let me MERAPU here..
hmmm..bored..idk tomorrow will wake up at what time??
those bbf boring lolx..hmmm...
yay!! getting cazy..hhaha..enough!

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