Sunday, June 14, 2009


1.44 Pm..just arrive appointment bknnya 8 am..but 11 around 8.30 i take a nap..n woke up around 9 am...i still feel the pain..around 11 already sampai kat hospital i said b4..time is precious ok..but this time around i feel excited about the treatment, because that dentist is so nice to me...about 11.40 am baru masuk bilik tu, so just wait sambil baca reader's digest ngan dengar lagu...ya..i saw the same nurse again..but today only 2 of them. i like the way that dentist approach me..maybe we are not excellent as they are.but atleast do give us info about what is going on..x macam sesetengah doctor, bila buat rawatan..just cek2 dada.pastu tulis..then bila we ask.. they said ini biasa jer..that was stupid answer that i ever a patient..x yah la u detail ape guna barang tu semua..just give them an explanation to make they feel tym dlm bilik tu, that dentist ask me, dari mana? haha..i just ckp..sini..but she dont believe maybe..she ask again..asal betol2 dr mana? so just telling her the truth la..KL..i hate to mention that, because...i dont know KL as much i know sabah..i love to be here, since i was born until now, this is the td pasang HOT FM lagi tym kerja..then nyanyi2 with the jururawat...happening la td...i dont know when they start talking about palatal, RCT, SC n all that..that nurse was 20 years old oooooo...sudah mmg konfem!..ada la borak skit2 tp xble byk koz..too much thing yg masuk dlm my xper, like i said b4, x minat arr nak jadi nurse..x cukup sabar.hihih..minggu depan got rawatan susulan..have to go again.. my U result is just around the corner, i feel a bit worry..i just harap dpt yg terbaik..nana..u can do it!!!..let bygone be bygone..focus kali more regret...after this i gez..malas dah nak tulis..koz i got something really important to do...wajib habiskan bff!!..hmmm..lgpon dah xde mood nak menulis..n dah xtau nak ckp ape.hmm....nana zaimi :)

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