Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Im giving my Precious "kiss" to someone....

its midnight, as usual i cant close my eye right now, trying very hard to do so, but make me laughing to myself. So i give up, i open my eyes n take my hp beside me.there is no message in the inbox, feel empty i turn on my computer which i never turn it off..hahha later if it getting too hot, then i have to shut it down..there is nothing on my mind right now,..just now im trying to change my blog layout, but the result make all the thing in my blog dissapear, including all my friend, my fav stuff, trying to change to boys before flower layout, but the caption is too small to read, and it make me lazy to find another one, so i stick with this layourt, few second back, it read khairiah's blog about why women need to i brainstorming my self...y i want to be slim?
the answer is very easy, im not use to be CHUBBY...from childhood time, im very skinny as the TIANG LAMPU..huh!..i love to eat, but never gain weight!...untill form 3...if i want to buy my jeans, i need to find it at children department, so sucks!!...hahah...but its easy for me to find nice clothes..untill my sister feel jealous with me because i have a new brand cloth that not suit that time she was chubby than me.

my sis n i

as i grow up, i think form 4 i start to gain weight because staying at hostel for first time. i was so excited with the food..6 time to eat..i never fail to attend..hahah...n not only that, at my sweet dorm, below my bed theres a lot of junk food..hahha..i feel like so crazy with all that food, n never stop eating.. :)..until form 5 .....overall i gain another 12 kg...fuh! just imagine skinny i was before...when i meet "makcik2"...some of them shock because of my changes... my neighbours said " nana, ok la badan skarang, dr dulu auntie tgh kurus melidi jer, auntie jealous la...autie dah makan weight gain tp x naik2....nanti laki auntie lari kalau auntie xde body...(lawak her statement)...nana buat camna erk"... this changes happen when i was at mrsm, cause lot of people shock, including my granny, my schoolmate b4 entering mrsm, n those "makcik2".... i hate when i need to attend wedding ceremony, those makcik2 will get together because didnt meet each others for long time, and start cit chat about their son n daughter. Theres one makcik suddenly said.."eh nana, dah GEMOK eh sekarang, dulu kecik jer makcik tengok"..then everyone is laughing...i feel so depress at that everyone is laughing at me.. n if long tym ago, it is hard for me to find jeans, now the case is just the same...hahah..sometime i feel ok n proud but some of the time i feel depress, mostly because of that makcik2..actually my bmi is ok! thanx GOD because im quite tall compare to my siblings excluding my brother,hes taller than my message here..sometimes women that gaining their weight will feel uncomfortable with their family,friend n also will make them lack of confident n hard to face someone, for some girl, they think that no one will love them because of the size of their body... eventhough im not fat, but i still consider my self as CHUBBY..hahha... n now, i already "MUAK" with all type of food, because lot of time"pergi kedai makan,n makanan still sama"....n im control my eating habit..n the result is excellent, i lost 2.5 kg..for now la!! ..dont laugh...its not easy for a women to lost weight..i ever tried before but its really i cut my dinner and it works..hahah...actually its not my main post, i want to write about that "kiss" is my FATHER'S at 12 sharp,me n my sisters knock my parents room n give a big hug to my father..n wishing him hepii father's day next morning, we will be celebrating two in one event...eventhough my dad will not reading this post, i want him to know that o really appreaciate him..i LOVE MY DAD.."MY DAD MY HERO"
nana n AYAH

so this is sincere from my heart,

you are someone yang sgt2 nana respect sejak dari dlu
thanx for segala didikan..
mungkin diri ini bukanlah anak terbaik bagi dirimu,
tp anak ini akan terus berjanji akan belajar bersungguh2 membela
nusa seperti yang telah kau bisikkan pada diriku

mungkin aq terlalu malu untuk mengatakan aq menyayangimu
tp itulah hakikat yang sebenar,
diri ini juga sepertimu
bak kata mereka2,kita mempunyai banyak persamaan
aq hanya menunjuk kasihku dengan perbuatan tanpa ungkapan

kusedar dirimu bertungkus lumus untuk mencari rezeki
buat santapan anak serta isterimu
aq pernah melihat kau begitu gigih melangkah bersuara bg meraih sesuatu yg pasti
dapat memberikan kesenangan kepada kami...

BAGI aq xde bapak yang baik n best dapat lawan bapak aq..walaupon aq pernah kena sepak pasal..adalah tu..tanpa ayah,aq xkan jd seperti aq tau dirinya sgt ego, tp jauh di sudut hatinya sangat lembut...sekarang baru aku sedar dan berterima kasih kerana rotan2 itu, tanpanya aq xkan berjaya sampai ke hari ini..thanx for the gene! ahak most of my character belong to my dad..degil,ego, kuat cakap,suka pk, n x senang jatuh ngan ckp org...dlm byk2 anak dia, aq jak yang teramat berani lawan balik ckp dia kalau i think it wasnt rite..yg lain kecut perut koz he garang...bertempat la..but because byk benda yg sama..we can be a good team..huhuhu thanx AYAH!!

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khairieah said...

wahh specific btul penerangan ko ahh. hehe apa2 pun bentuk body mmg betul2 mengontrol perasaan yakin dlm diri. sy rasa la..hehe

bahagianya ayah ko nana =)