Monday, June 15, 2009

1:17 Am..and i couldnt sleep....

I think today is a bit boring compare to yesterday.stuck in my room ever since that appointment, my parent both fasting.i do want to join them but because of that appointment and headache, i just cancel it..perhaps this thursday..insyaAllah. Its a long way to go..getting bored ...not because of that korean drama, because i was stuck here at my room..feeling empty..i just kill my time with fb fs n this blog..knowing that its only few day left before the U life start, it drive me crazy. I dont know if i can manage my time. I have a dream, to be someone outstanding after this, no more turning back. Its time for me to prove who i am. Its time for me to decide what pathway should i take. the clock that display on my computer shows it is now 12:37 Am..i was distracted by few people..calling me at this moment..haiyo..i dont have mood to write already..hmm..

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