Tuesday, May 5, 2009

my rumate!

haloo..this is my rumate..heheh.from,alai,grace and me,nana...
this is our first n last time outing together..i miss them soo for me, beside my bestfriend diba, they know alot about my self..they know me i describe them?? baby..i gezz shes a gud sista of mine..although shes older than me..we call her she want too..shes a nice girl,..the funniest thing about her is her cartoon(heheh=)... when she get mad she just keep quite..n never show..i think she had soft heart...koz a simple thing can make her cry...she is the main supplier of movie,koz she the only one in our room got lappy.she introduce to me, mr micky yoochun..that make me crazy of him..till this day..i gezz..deep inside my heart..i miss her...oh ya! shes a gud girlfriend..hehhe she always obey what her bf ask her to..(nice thing lor)..about alai??? this chinese girl is soo funny, sumtime she cant understand an easy sentence in bahasa melayu..huuh....everytime i saw always remind me of her..the word PENERBANGAN is soo funny in our room...only us know whut is it...shes outspoken and a bit lazer,sumtime it hurt me..but we never fought...if i feel uncomfortable i just keep quite for quite long time..but she tend to talk to me..things back to normal after that...and she got bf too..but shes not like baby..they always fight..but actually shes so in love with her boyfriend...i think their relationship will end with married..hehhe..may God bless you..for grace? shes a nice girl also....hmmm..her seem fine to me...comfortable to talk with her, we can talk almost everyting..both of us want to proceed with medic..hope one day we will meet again and become gud dr..hehehheas a conclusion! i miss them!

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