Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My life at Matric

welcome to my blog, actually i got nothing to write, but atas permintaan segelintir my ithink i have to write sumthing...they wanna know hows my lyf sepanjang kat should i start?? actually, msk matrik pon secara tergesa2..becoz at first i was plan to enter msu..i really want too..but.. after discuss with my parents about the pros n cons i think matric would be 12 mei 2008 ..i was a matric student ..i love matric..becouse i learn so many thing here...first day, i saw lots og gerl crying becoz berpisah ngan nope...not even setitik air mata pon..huuuh not becoz of ego or no feeling..but this thing is so biasa to me..because b4 this i was mrsm seems that i balik asrama dah rumate seem fine to me ...a bit sad of koz..because my gang was not EDORA..but..after UPS she further her study at egypt..left me behind...i was sooo sad at that moment...but as u all know me...i can mix with everybody right..its true..but not many people will understand they do..but its times go dah biasa...i have a wonderful tutorial..a happening n idk how to say that..everytime in that class i always life a bit change here...dulu i a la..but serve my SPM was sucks!...eventhough most of people would say it is a gud result..for me its not..becoz i know i can do it better..hahha tu la..byk sgt escape kelas..n buat vanderlism kat mrsm..hhahahaha..hmm...but i never regret pon...becoz..mesti ada hikmah disebaliknya kan..hidop aq kat matrik kinda skema la jugak... it all around dorm, MP,tutorial, kuliah,cafe..huhuhuhuh i didnt take part in anything..koz my sis n dad x suruh...a bit boring la..koz like u guys know kan mmg jenis x tau nak duduk meet my bestfriend..Adibah ABD first meet him..i was soo teruja koz she can speak to say ar?? shes beauty will cair if tgk her..koz as far as i know her...shes a gud gerl,sopan, ayu..amboi..lebih2 plak puji...kembang c diba..hahha..but sumtime..geram gak..koz die ni jenis lambat buat 1000x huuhuhuu..i was glad i meet her..we never fight x mustahil la kan..sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit..fuyoh!! i will try my best to take care of this relationship!..huhuhu...yang besntya diba ni..die ni tahap rajin blaja giler..tabik la!...n kuat a bit lack of confident..huhuhu..selalu ckp xtau..padahal tau..bukan sombong tu la..confident dier ada sikit slack..huuhu..but whutever it is..shes a best buddy ..hmmm..whut else? oso i meet sumbody...dont want to mention who is he..i introduce him as mr micky..hahha...oklah..hes a nice guy..pasni jgn tanya lagi arr...cukup sampai cni..ya..i know u guyz interest napa la aq ble terjebak bab2 ni kan..hahha..normal lah need to being a normal teenage..bila? rahsia.. kenapa? idk..hahaha ...because hes clever kot..n pandai in presenting anything during class...but its over ok...we still friend ..pas ni xnak buka crita ni lg k...enough...a new life begin!.b..friend till the end....huhuuuhuh whut else? oh ya! plg best event kat matric..i gezz for me year kot..we stay la jugak...lepak2..makan2 kat kereta..round2 labuan..soo fun! cant forget it...
my buddy,haris.. give me micky mouse sweet..huhu cam budak2 ni ..hepii bila dpt..hahhaha..i gez entire my lyf...every moment kat matric is precious...dr rumate..lecturer, them..miss them..i will never forget....lepak bilik diba..aisyah! tgk superjunior..gaduh pasal micky lagi hensem as compare to heechul...lepak bilik shiela..borak pasal laki org puteh yg hensem for shiela..not for me..hhihihihi..but fun la...singgah bilik sheena...mmg aq kaki merayap..huhuhu....thanx shiela..u give me KEKUATAN at THAT moment...if not..maybe i didnt study..thanx for everything....REMEMBER im not a person easy to forget my friend ok..i will mish u guyz..MUAHXX..payunk!

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