Thursday, May 7, 2009

Couple?? pros N cons

Everyone in this world have thier right to love and to be in love... In term of affection, love can be determine as a strong feeling of deep affection for something, especially a member of your family or your friend. In terms of romantic, it can be define as a strong feeling of affection for someone that are sexually attracted to:Eg, She in love with him!
Love is such a wonderful feeling, but we have to be careful with love, sometime love can make people kill each other, and because of love a person are willing to do anything to show how much they love their partner. Basically, couple start with love between two individual with opposite sex..what is the pros and cons of couple? teenage nowadays make this couple issue as their lifestyle.If their friend have one, why they dont?
Love can be bad if they dont know how to handle with. It can make us forget about our study, disobey our parents and etc,most of teenage nowadays blind because of love. They trust their couple more than trust their own family. At this point they never think about their parents, that feed them from baby untill now,because love make them blind. But love also have pros, with love people are able to make their dreams came true, excellent couple will give spend their quality time together with something that benefit both of them, for example, study together. They not only spending time together but they can help each other in term of study. The desire to be excellent increase. They always want the best in study also in the relationship.Love also can increase their spirit to achive something. I think if we use love in the right manner, we can gain a lot of good thing rather than bad thing...So think about it...use love as good as possible, to someone that in love now..dont forget about study ok!..our journey still got a lot of step to move on..LOVE, payunk!=)

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