Thursday, May 28, 2009

THe best bday I ever had!! (27 Mei2009)

halo...i think its being quite a long time didnt write anything in my blog rite??...if i got mood to write then im going to do that...actually i feel so happy because celebrating ma bday wif my gang..huhuhu my truly fren ever...we meet at ONe Borneo..uhuhu eatttttttttttttttttt....that all we did..but it was fun...for those wishing my bday..tq..4 me..that the true friend not saying that only those wish me bday is my!! but somehow..this all people is the great friend of just thinking like this..if u are true friend..u must appreciate who is she/he are...without those speaciel DATE u not going to be friend with she/he.....i love MSU....thanx to len, mimy, nora, saadah, not to forget faz n oso ten( walaupon dier telupa jap) hahah...i have a great day with all of you...not to best friend ever....dba..who now work at starbucks least i still have a chance to meet her that day..Sorii for disturb you hershan oso...hes a becoming great lawyer in future....who else??to marwyn, rumate..alai..anil..vilerry, daniella, evana&bry( walaupon drang wish tym 28..bry slh tarikh..hahha) sarkawie, razif, Azmie rahman~neil, fido, khalila, suhaimi ,russ, nana, luke, fasihah...sheena, and oso tinna..oho..oso muazatul adawiyah..huhuhu..uzair n stun oso... no one left...itu jak yg sempat wish..huhuhu..but xpa..sometime benda2 camni look so it is how u appreciate your friend..she/he will feel so happy even with diz simple wish...o ya..not to forget franco joseph..huhuh..thanx..but i wonder..hahha nothing lolx..let it be..ohya just now i watch tv documentary about cute......... how they interaCT with each other, how they survive for life, how their parent support their new bee...its all unic ..i lost biology..i love it sooooooo learn bio is a give to me..cause i feel so meaningful in life...i feel so sad when the predator have penguin as their meal..but it all about biodivercity rite....what else??....actually got so many thing to write..but feel so lazy..ok see u in the next post~..tata


Raihanah Rozaimi said...

ohya..yantie oso!!

EdoraEmon said...

i miss u 2 nana.. muaaah~