Saturday, November 7, 2009

WHAT is The Motif of this pic??..2 post for this day..


this picture was taken at 1 Borneo, Sabah.
My soul has been sucked out, i really really miss that. miss that moment..
But what is the motif for this pic being uploaded?
I miss sabah, i miss the smell of the land, i miss the peace of the ocean, i miss to see Kinabalu mountain from my home...
i miss the heavy rain that make me feel in-a-sky-mode..
im so agitated right now, sometime it disturb my study...i hope..this feeling only for a while....
please..please..please..leave me..i have 4 paper to attend to...i need to give full
commitment..i cant show it to my parent, i have to be a good example for my siblings..
hmm....whisper in my ears told that..i can do this!!..
having tonnes of test for this week...give me a little pressure (i lied)..
also tonnes of if i cant be the bestz?
GOD! help me..i hope i manage to overcome this..

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