Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dear diary,
I really cant focus with this one paper left!..its all because my stupid mistake during previous exam!! And I hate it!.. I thought this sem 1 examination will flow smoothly for me..but I was wrong.damn! it keeps the tears rolling!...i know its my fault didn’t read the instruction at the front cover..but, usually this thing we don’t have to afraid of..because everything have been told before. We have been told this exam wasa conduct in 2 hours..which is I don’t hear that!..not just me..most of my friend also don’t know about that

According to our schedule, this MICROBIOLOGY exam will take about 3 hours..start from 2.30-5.30 pm.
But unfortunately it only took 2 hours which is bad for me!...i haven’t finish to answer all that Q. I know the answer but I couldn’t make it.. its really frustrating for me…

I shame with myself, I don’t know how to cover this face infront of PN.Napisah…ya! I really shame about it!! I hate it soo much!!..i try to call my bestfriends..but he and she didn’t pick up the phone..that make me feel more crazy…but after half and hour I realize maybe they have something important to do as if they in their UNi..same with me..handling with a big fINAL TEST!

Luckily, all of this have over..but everytime THAT thing cross my mind…I feel like stupid!...hmm..this was hard for me to accept it…but what can I do?? I just hope and pray that I have a good result later on.. till then…chow!.. -nana zaimi-

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