Wednesday, November 4, 2009

last night i was talking to someone that i would describe as a good far as im concern...but i dont want to talk about that too much...suddenly its remind me to my friend whos further his study out of Malaysia, yet still concern about about our beloved country.... but we haven't talk to each other anymore..not because we are fighting, it just... as time goes on...i had nothing to say to HIM, hes a great leader,but hes a player...i just dont like HIM on that aspects..i dont like guys yang "mulut manis"....make me sick...
Suddenly i feel bad about this type of not being paranoid...but i dont know, i just hate it.. hate to see my friends cry over this type of guy..... but i noe not all guys are like that. some of them really nice n respect women. THIS are 2 character that i hate most about guy;
1) Got gf, yet still berckp syg2 ngan bestfriend sendiri n kawan2 apelah speselnya gf ko tu kat ko (tibe2 emo)
2) rapat ngan satu perempuan just because of her face yang cun..pastu bangga2 kat org..eyuu~
3) ske buat perempuan perasan. Dont u noe that women's heart is really fragile?...jgn lebih2 kalau xde pro MAN!
OMG~ hahah..the real topic i want to discuss here is not about this, i want to write about my opinion pasal video that i have watched. but ...because TERINGAT that guys..yg ske ati mainkan my make me sick of guy!!...sori la kwn2 laki... aq xleh arr bab2 kawan2 perempuan aq nangis just because your "gender" pissed me .....but dont worry...pasal tu jer kot...huhu..later arr i story..well nana ,go study

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