Thursday, October 14, 2010

[ just a feeling of LIKE ]

salam n hello to all,
a little bit free because mini thesis have been submitted to Encik Adziem our microbiologist lecturer.. thanx 2 him because make our lab fun!

a kind of sharing life.. this morning.. me and some friend when to shopping mall to buy groceries. i saw something that captured my eyes.. :)

i meet seniors too.. thursday?? shopping mall??. they dont have class..

i also meet kind of a good friend too..we meet up..suddenly he said; raihanah why u lose ur weight??
hahaha.. of coz i dont believe... it maybe the colour of the cloth or the where i put on.. just a jeans and t-shirt :)..with "tudung keras" make my face like "cikgu2" hahaha...

straight to the point.. i saw a nice t-shirt that really beautiful.. love that much!.. hahha just love the t-shirt..its a couple t-shirt.. not tend to wear..but the design is eye captured on it! im trying to look for the owner of that t-shirt!.. he is with he's gf.. n i noe that person!!

we are not close..but its enough for me to know him
he's gf is so cute.. like princess..wearing that same t-shirt..heheh..
but the weird thing is.. he just dissappear in just one blink!.. i try to give a smile to him..but maybe he is shy caught in the moment like that!..hahah
chill bro!

to him... i like that t-shirt..hahahahaha..... black n red.. a combination like no others :/
just like the t-shirt!..hahaha( the picture above is not the real t-shirt that i saw)

time to to assgmnt.. :)


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