Sunday, January 24, 2010

sori with no sorii

aq just nak ckp...satu benda..walauapepon character org have to think..she/he is a normal human being...she/he got feeling..bukannyer robot.. there something that we can joke on...ada yg mmg! tolong phm...yes aq xgeti nak marah kawan2 yg rapat..but as i really take care of YOUR feeling...take care of mine too...i try to be positive all the time.. but you keep doin the same thing.. so my solution i just keep u ask me why i silent??.. ask yourself..this is how i mad..xper makan hati...dah biasa kot... hmmm..but whatever it is..i still respect you... dont worry..
but i just want you to know..pliz give privacy to you also have your own private thing.. seriously dedicate to MHA!!

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