Friday, February 12, 2010

~ dia dah pergi~

argh...kegilaan selama sebulan 2 hari..buat aq tersenyum...
banyak giler perkara yang kami bincgkan...
THANK for making my life bermakna!!!...

eventhough we only meet several time..n we did our conversation only on phone..
it really change me..huhu..i know,you wouldnt read this post..aka you dont have blog..n pemalas nak oN9!! but i just feel...i am lucky to be one of your friend!!!..

this 7 day is really meaningful to me...
talking with you like every minute..just like you ada kat sebelah..
thanx for all your opinion n guidance..
i really appreciate it..
but i cant say it infront of you..hahhaa

you said we have to focus on our study..i admit...
but deep inside me i feel cedih!!!!! wargh!!!
you said pasni kena kurg main..
xdpt nak berharimau dan berkambeng!!!
argh!!! menci2...

dear my caring,sweet,small,cek BENG little friend!!
im gonna miss you!!!!
if people ask me to replace you with something is really expensive in this world wide world..
i never want to do it!!
koz u really meaningful to me!!!

hahah..walaupon cek BENG xbaca..i would like to tell everyone..i got my bestfriend yang cyg2 sgt2..huahuahuahuahua

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