Thursday, September 3, 2009

its a relieve after talk with ayah

ive feel been betray by my friend...and its hurt a in my face..but deep inside me is damn hurt..cant focus for couple of hour due to this....and all the problem just fade away after telling that problem to AYAH... ayah said ive been thru mrsm phase n matric phase..i should noe how to handle the to be a leader if the small thing i cant handle rite??..ayah said study should be fun not a stress i never feel that study is like a happy with my study....ive been betray by friend....ayah said ..."just treat her well...biar dia tau keikhlasan dalam bersahabat n kalau dah terok sangat..confront ngan dier" ckp are you happy if u the only one who success n are u happy if im failed...we both came here to study rite..."feel damn relieve after that...hahha..back to hepii me ..inside n outside..

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