Monday, August 17, 2009


sometime we hurt someone's feeling
but we dont realize it..
we make them cried..
but we dont know...
so what should we do...
we should alert with our surrounding...
and ask for forgiveness if we did something wrong..

sometime we being too selfish
we think "im right they wrong"
that make people get rid of us...
we never we knew is too late..
we dont have friends anymore...
what should we do?? take their opinion..think of it..
and appreciate it..and say "thanx"

sometime we think we are pretty/handsome...
they arent fit to being in our side..
but think again did the face will ever stay longer till death..
as the time goes will fade away..
so what should we do??
Alhamdulillah with the pretty/handsome face...
but never judge anyone with their appearance..
sometime their brain is "pretty good" than us...

sometime we think we are perfect..everybody like us..
think it true??
is they anyone beside you when u sad =(..
do not being too confident with our self..
Allah create as for "saling melengkapi"
thus we are not perfect...
if u ever reach the sky ..
dont ever forget the ground...

sometime we think "im not in peace"..
why we feel like that??
that is because we didnt take care of our
to much talk can "tumpulkan minda"
really love this statement from someone's father..
so..."muhasabah diri"..

what is the purpose Allah sent us in this world?
why we have choosen to be here ?
why our pathway is different with everyone?
why Allah give us "dugaan yang banyak"?
why we are sent to our UNi??
it have a reason n HIKMAH...."WHY"

Allah knows better about us..
so we should thanx with all that THING..

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